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The mortgage industry needs qualified mortgage agents.  REMIC offers the FSCO approved mortgage agent course for agent licensing which can be completed in as little as just one week, along with job placement, or sign up for one of our in-class courses...the choice is yours!
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How to Become an Ontario Mortgage Agent

How to Become a Licensed Mortgage Agent.

To become a licensed mortgage broker in Ontario you must first pass the mortgage agent course, be hired by a brokerage and be a licensed mortgage agent for at least two years.  You must then complete the mortgage broker course.  Once done you can apply to the regulator, FSCO, to change your license from that of an agent to a broker.

What's the difference between a broker and an agent?

A licensed mortgage agent in Ontario can broker a mortgage transaction, as can a licensed broker.  The main difference between the two licenses is that a broker can supervise a team of mortgage agents, while an agent cannot supervise other agents.  In addition, a licensed mortgage broker can hold the title of Principal Broker, which is basically the chief compliance officer of a licensed mortgage brokerage.

The whole process begins with the mortgage agent course.  If you're considering a career as a mortgage broker we urge you to contact us for more details at, visit us in person at our training centre at 2175 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite 213 or call us at 1-877-44-REMIC (73642)

We look forward to assisting you in starting a rewarding new career!

Joe White

Being Successful as an Ontario Mortgage Agent

Being successful as an Ontario mortgage agent or Ontario mortgage broker begins with a solid plan.  If you are not yet a licensed mortgage agent in Ontario, your first step is to take and pass the REMIC Mortgage Agent Course (RMAC)/a>.  Once you've passed the course you must get hired by a brokerage.  That brokerage will then apply to the regulator, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), for your license.

But those are only the technical steps in getting licensed.  By the time you've obtained your license you still haven't begun the process of being successful.

That's when you need to develop a detailed business plan.  Yes, you heard me correctly; a business plan.

Just like the real estate industry, many agents fail to become successful because they fail to plan.  I know that's a cliche, but it's also the truth.  I've managed hundreds of mortgage agents throughout my career and taught thousands more, and I can tell you that only a handful ever became successful without using a business plan.  Their success came from determination and in some cases, simple luck.  I don't suggest that you rely on luck, rather plan to be successful and your likelihood of success will be greatly increased.  Check with the brokerage that you're joining to see if they provide business planning services and if they do make sure that you take full advantage of it.

You can earn a fantastic income as a licensed Ontario mortgage agent, but it's not easy, and it's not free.  Remember to always use all of the resources that your brokerage provides to assist in your success.  There's no need to make the same mistakes that others have, and every reason to learn from others' mistakes and grow from them.


Joe White

The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada

REMIC's Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada Inc. provides exceptional, ethics based training approved by FSCO to meet the educational requirements for new agent licensing as well as courses designed to enhance the careers of current mortgage professionals.  You can view our list of upcoming Ontario mortgage agent courses for mortgage agent licensing here.

Value Statement

The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada Inc. will continue to develop and deliver inspired, innovative training built on a foundation of consumer protection and ethics designed to advance our industry and cultivate the skills of our learners.

The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada (REMIC) is a member driven online community of Brokers dedicated to increasing their overall performance by investing in their personal development. We offer a free, no risk membership to showcase our products, services and incredible amount of resources designed to help you achieve your goals. Find out today why our members are among the top producing Brokers in the industry by joining, risk free. Simply click on the link below and in just a few minutes you'll have access to REMIC, Canada's premiere community of Brokers. 

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 September 8, 2011 – Habitat for Humanity Partners with Mortgage Broker Educator REMIC

 On Tuesday, August 30, Joe White, President of Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada (REMIC) and Cain Daniel, Director of Education and Training with REMIC presented Habitat for Humanity executive director Mary Bone with a cheque for $1,000.

 This donation is just a kick off for what's to come.  Established in 2008, REMIC is an educational organization that provides the course required for mortgage agents to become licensed in Ontario.  Courses are available online and in-class and membership is free.  Going forward, a percentage of the proceeds from the courses will be donated to Habitat for Humanity Durham.

 "Mortgage Brokers play an integral role in the home ownership process, so we think it's a great fit for REMIC to partner with Habitat for Humanity to help individuals become homeowners," says Joe.

 “It is with great appreciation that we enter into a partnership with REMIC, an innovative company willing to show their social conscience by participating in a new way to raise funds for our organization," says Mary.  "When Joe White approached our affiliate about donating a portion of the proceeds from his training seminars we were absolutely thrilled at the opportunity!  We are able to affect the people we serve with the help of companies like REMIC.  One hundred percent of every dollar donated to Habitat for Humanity Durham goes directly to our building program and our new focus is on CentreTowne in Oshawa.  CentreTowne will see 24 new town homes in the next few years, making 24 families’ dreams of home ownership come true.  Thank you for believing that everyone has the right to a safe, decent home to call their own.”

 As Joe adds, “Success is what REMIC strives to deliver through our innovative courses, and success is what Habitat for Humanity helps families achieve. This partnership is undoubtedly destined to have a positive impact on the lives of many families.” 

For more information on Habitat for Humanity Durham or how you can help, please call  (905) 428-7434,

email or visit the website at


For more information on REMIC or to schedule an interview with Joseph White:

 Cain Daniel | Director of Education and Training
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